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Connoisseurs, sommeliers and gourmets all agree – our wine refrigerators provide perfect storage conditions and serving temperatures for a fine wine to reach its full potential. As a specialist in refrigeration, we’ve created a comprehensive product range worthy of the finest wines. In fact, our wine coolers are equally at home in private residences as in the retail wine and gastronomy sectors.

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    Perfect storage conditions for wines and chilled beverages

    For a wine to unfold its full bouquet and flavor, both the storage conditions and the serving temperature must be right. As specialists in mobile refrigeration and climate control, we have created a comprehensive product range of wine coolers for keeping wines at their optimum temperature. Whether you are a wine enthusiast looking for a home wine cellar or a business searching for a mini wine fridge or large capacity under counter wine cooler, we have the solution for you.

    What to think of when buying a wine cellar

    There are a number of factors that will go into selecting the right wine refrigerator for all of your needs. These include the wine fridge’s size, bottle capacity, volume, temperature zones, cooling components, length of anticipated storage time, and shelf life of the unit. The better the wines that are in your collection, the longer you are probably going to age them. The only way wines reach their full potential is when they’re stored in a wine storage cabinet that properly protects them from all the enemies of wine. Unless your wine refrigerator is specifically designed for wine, then your wine is at risk.

    Dometic wine cellars – optimal storage and the perfect temperature

    Constant temperature throughout the year – between 12°C (53.6°F) and 14°C (57.2°F) achieved thanks to electronic temperature regulation in our wine cellars, acting on external cold or heat production. All wines, whether white or red, should be stored at the same temperature as that of a natural cellar. Constant adapted humidity – our wine coolers keep the humidity between 50–70%. Only the greatest natural cellars keep this constant. Anti UV-protection – the “low emission” treatment of double-glazed doors on our wine fridges stops harmful ultraviolet rays. Constant ventilation – the air circulating inside the wine cellar by natural convection is constantly renewed. Outside air enters the upper cellar through an active carbon filter that effectively eliminates all odors before they enter the wine cellar. It is neatly emitted from the lower part of the cellar.

    The best wine cellar choice for aging wine

    It is essential to know how to determine the optimal moment for tasting wines. The ageing process is altered by poor wine storage (variations in temperatures, vibrations, light, etc.). The choice of a suitable wine cellar, using these criteria, is crucial to ensure that your great wines reach their peak.

    Wine storage tips

    Keep your wine bottles in the dark. Ultraviolet light in direct sunlight can harm the wine so make sure to store all wines away from the light. It is best to store them somewhere that is free from odors and well ventilated. Wine bottles should also rest in a stable position, free from vibrations. The temperature should remain constant throughout the year. Our superb wine cabinets can do all this and more.

    How to store different wines

    What do you do if you want to store red and white wine together in the same wine storage cabinet? There is an easy solution! The best wine cooler in this situation is a dual zone wine cooler. A dual zone wine cooler allows you to store two different wines, according to their own ideal storage conditions, in the same wine storage cabinet. So you don’t need to spend extra money on a separate wine refrigerator for reds and whites.

    Compressor wine cabinet

    Compressor technology means excellent cooling performance with low current consumption, irrespective of high ambient temperatures. Multi-temperature wine cabinets from Dometic are ideal for storing red, white and sparkling wines that are soon to be served. The desired drinking temperature is simply pre-set and kept constant.