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Dometic Optimus E-Actuator

Outboard electric steering, EA1000

The Dometic Optimus Outboard Electric Steering Actuator ushers in a new era for marine vessel steering and control. This ground-breaking product is an all-electric steering actuator for outboard engines, developed exclusively for use with our Optimus Joystick and Electronic Power Steering systems. It's easy to install yet technologically advanced, providing high performance, energy efficiency and season-after-season reliability.

Sold in our dealer networkArt nr: 9130000414 (EA1000)

High-torque, high-efficiency brushless DC electric motor

Programmable steering settings, including adjustable speed-sensitive lock-to-lock turns, help ensure safe steering.

Quick and easy installation, with just three CAN bus connections plus power

Virtually maintenance free

Safe and reliable performance under harsh fresh and saltwater conditions

Meets and exceeds all marine standards, including NMMA, ABYC, CE and SAE electrical and environmental requirements

Built-in functionality with Dometic’s SeaWays Autopilot, Optimus 360 Joystick Control and SeaStation GPS Anchoring

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Outboard electric steering, EA1000

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Dometic EA1000 (Optimus Electric Actuator) - Installation and Operating Manual AMER (en)

Installation and Operating Manual


Optimus E-Actuator Product Leaflet

Product Leaflet


WARNINGCancer or Reproductive Harm

Integrated electronics

Integrated electronics

The Dometic Optimus Electric Steering Actuator mounts directly on the outboard in place of the present hydraulic cylinder. The powerful drive train, position sensor, brake and electronics are all embedded in the electric steering actuator. This means no Pump Control Module (PCM), no hydraulic pump, no hoses, hydraulic cylinders and fluid, and no more purging the system.

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