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Dometic GO

Everything for a Day Outdoors - Made to fit the Trunk of your Car

Say Hello To Effortless Outdoors

Designed with outdoor adventures in mind, Dometic GO equips you to get out faster, stay out more comfortably, and embrace the outdoors with family and friends.  

With everything you need to get outside — versatile seating and dining; ample storage and organization options; and a unique water supply system — Dometic GO lets you make the most of your time out-of-doors. 

Get going, and get exploring, with Dometic GO.  

Dometic Go

Designed to Pack, Stack & GO

Easy to store, transport, and use, Dometic GO makes grabbing your outdoor gear simple. Whether packed up neatly in the back of your car to hit the road or stacked and stored until you’re ready to embark on your next adventure, Dometic GO is designed to be easy to store, pack, and carry. 

A Trunk Full of Memories

With everything you need to feel good about getting out-the-door to enjoy the great outdoors: a table that adjusts to three different heights; comfortable, well-designed communal seating; thoughtful storage; an innovative water solution — Dometic GO equips you for long days of laughter on the trail and nights reminiscing around the campfire. 



"We've found the folding bench to be comfortable and really useful. The table is high-quality, great for use on the go and allows us to enjoy meals in camp as a family."

@salty_defender, Overlanders

The Only Water Solution You’ll Ever Need

Water is one essential you always need when heading outdoors, and you’ll likely use more than you expect. Enter our Hydration Water Jug & Faucet duo. The Water Jug’s volume-maximizing design lets you carry 11 liters of water — and you can fit two jugs in the size of a 20L jerry can. Designed to be easy to carry, fill, dispense, and clean, the jug has two openings that let you reach inside to scrub out the insides between uses, to ensure the safety of your water supply.


"Cooking well after a day outdoors is really important. The water faucet allows me to cook and clean, with control over the flow of the water, helping me to be efficient and not waste a drop."

Marion Haerty, Freeride World Champion x4 @marion_haerty

Outdoor Life. Organized.

Dometic storage cleverly combines waterproof, dustproof Hard Storage with customizable Soft Storage. The modular design makes packing for every eventuality easy, swap-in and swap-out Soft Storage units to pack and organize in advance, ready for grab-and-go adventures in the outdoors.

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Weatherproof, Dustproof Gear Protection



"I use the Hard Storage to keep all my climbing gear in one place and it is perfect for the trips with our van!"

Stefano Ghisolfi, World Champion Climber @steghiso