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Four Wheeled Nomad

Captain Slow, Give it some Beans

Four Wheeled Nomad

A brave and charismatic duo treats themselves to everything an unscripted, four-wheeled life has to give.

Writer and photographer couple, Lisa Morris and Jason Spafford are exploring the world in their 2015 Toyota Hilux, nicknamed White Rhino, attempting to drink in all of the sights and experiences the world has to offer. In 2000, the couple met on a Red Sea diving trip and bonded over their love for underwater photography and diving. Once they explored all that they could below the waves, Lisa and Jason decided to take their cameras to dry land. They sold their cottage and most of their possessions and packed everything they needed on two dual-sport motorcycles.





Together they have adventured from Antarctica to the Arctic. They rode from the southernmost tip of Argentina to the top of Alaska on those motorcycles, traveling over 80,000 miles through 21 countries. Now, on the next leg of their journey, Lisa and Jason have transitioned from two-wheels to four-wheels. They have outfitted White Rhino with all-terrain tires, recovery equipment, solar power, a fold-out kitchen, lighting, and tons of storage. Their portable fridge, shower, and rooftop tent provide them with all the basics they need for overlanding across long distances.

Girl taking an outdoor shower in her clothes in the snow with her overlander truck in the background.

While the duo has loved their motorcycle travels, traveling by 4x4 means less exhaustion after a day’s worth of driving, so energy can be better spent exploring the destination. They also have much more storage for necessities, and no longer need to worry so much about the weather conditions along the way. Thanks to products like their Dometic Coolfreeze CFX 50W, they have discovered a totally new lifestyle on the road. Cold drinks and fresh food, whenever they want, was something that was rarely possible from the saddle of a motorcycle. The ultra-quiet, ultra-durable CFX 50W has 48 liters of storage, perfect for supplying two people with fresh meals for a week, and can even work as a freezer when needed.



Constant temperature control is easy when paired with the Dometic PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery. This compact but mighty battery charges as the vehicle runs and can keep a Dometic Coolfreeze fridge running for 40 hours on a single charge. The battery can also run any 12-volt appliance and charge other devices needed on the road including laptops and mobile phones. This makes it the perfect off-grid companion for anyone living a mobile life. With the PLB40, Lisa and Jason can visit remote locations and stay to explore for days without having to spend time worrying about recharging.



White Rhino is also equipped with Dometic rear parking sensors and cameras, a GPS media center, and electrical wiring. The rear camera saves Lisa and Jason when trying to fit the large vehicle into tight spots. Mobile living and life on the road is the life that Lisa and Jason have chosen. When they first started their journey, Lisa wondered if she would miss the comforts of home. However, as they tackled new achievements, took in more adventures, and experienced the liberation of travel, those comforts became much less important. Now, as they travel a new path in a new vehicle, their only concern is fitting all the things they want to do and see into one shared lifetime. In mid-May of 2019, their newest adventure kick-starts in the inner Hebrides of Scotland. They will venture through Europe and Scandinavia, visiting Germany, Sweden, and Iceland. After that, they will head down and continue to explore and travel through the African continent.

If you want to keep up with Lisa and Jason adventures, make sure to follow them on instagram: @fourwheelednomad